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5473 CR 320 Rifle, CO, 81650

ouston Mountain Ranch, LLC

   Farm Fresh Produce

Did you know that the average distance that food travels from farm to consumer in the United States is 1,300 miles? 

Find our fresh produce at our self serve Ranch Market located at our ranch at 5473 CR 320, Rifle, CO open 7 days per week June-October.  Our produce, fruit, flowers, and herbs are grown by us on our ranch.  Although we are not organically certified, we use only organic certified seeds, and choose heirloom, Non GMO, and hybrid open pollinated varieties whenever possible. We farm with an ecosystem perspective. We use integrated pest management, sustainable farming and gardening best practices.  Both owners are involved with the Colorado Master Gardener Program with Colorado State University Extension Office and volunteer in their community to provide education and research based information to local gardeners.

Summer 2018 Produce

Potatoes- Yukon Gold, Pontiac Red, German Butterball
Apples- Summer and Winter varieties
Strawberries- Alpine Strawberry
Spinach- Corvair (dark green spring spinach
Lettuce- Deer Tounge (heirloom Bibb type), Dark Lolla Rossa (leaf with red edges), Encore Mix (combination of green oakleaf, red Oakleaf, green romaine, Red Romaine, Lollo Rossa and Red Leaf Bibb), Rouge d'Hiver (Rrench heirloom leaf), Garrison (baby red oakleaf), and Red Romaine
Greens- Arugla (spicy and nutty standard), Gray Striped Sunflower (sunflower shoots, Field Pea (pea shoots)
Swiss Chard- Fordhook Giant (standard green), Ruby Red (salads, ruby red color)
Kale- Toscano (Italian heirloom), Nash's Green (green curly kale)
Cabbage- Farao (sweet tender early hybrid, Capture (fresh market or coleslaw hybrid), Integro (mid season red hybrid)
Cucumbers- Northern Pickling (high yield, early for salads and pickling, Lemon Cucumber (small round yellow sweet not bitter), Corinto (early productive slicer)
Radish- Pink Beauty (pink heirloom), Sora (heat tolerant)
Onions- Cabernet (red early hybrid 4-6 mo storage), New York Early (yellow glove heirloom early short storage), Redwing (red long storage), Cortland (yellow good storage hybrid), Parade (small bunching green top onion), Walla Walla Sweet (juicy, sweet, no winter storage)
Beets- Merlin (smooth, uniform, sweet hybrid), Bulls Blood (deep burgundy heirloom also great for salad greens)
Carrots- Nectar (uniform high yield hybrid)
Broccoli- De Cicco (Italian heirloom)
Peas- Green Arrow (excellent producer of sweet tender peas), Oregon sugar pod (mild sweet flavored pods)
Garlic- Spanish Roja
Herbs- Basil, Rosemary, Oregeno, Save, Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Lavendar, Cammomile, Thyme
Summer Squash- Yellowfin (yellow strait neck), Dunja (early zucchini hybrid)
Winter Squash- Tuffy (acorn squash for baking), JWS 6823 PMR (medium size hybrid butternut), Harrowsmith Select (Gourds different shapes and colors), Rouge Vif D'Etampes (vivid red flat shaped pie pumpkin), Howden (Big Halloween Pumpkin), New England Pie (mini jack-o-lantern type for pies)
Peppers- Early jalepeno (open pollinated early), Antohi Romanian (heirloom European frying pepper), Padron (famous Spanish heirloom), Numex Joe E Parker (multipurpose Anaheim type chili for processing or fresh market), Olympus (large bell pepper hybrid)
Tomatoes- German Johnson (vigorous high yield Brandywine type), Moskvich (extra early heirloom), Amish Paste (long time favorite heirloom plumb for sauces and processing), New Girl (early producer), Jasper (deep red cherry tomatoe), San Marzano (great for canning and preserving, very little juice)
Beans- Garden of Eden (delicious Italian style green heirloom), Provider (early green producer), EZ pick (best tasting bush green bean fresh or preserved), Royal Burgundy (purple bean turns green when cooked)