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Our Ranch Market

We believe that we have the best Jersey milk cows in the country with sweet dispositions and our consulting services support to help you with your first year of owning your own milk cow!

Our family has been blessed to enjoy eggs, meats and poultry raised naturally, humanely, and harvested by us right here on our ranch.  Now we offer you that same privelege.

We offer a pickup location in Glenwood Springs, CO in addition to our on-site Ranch Market for your convenience:
High Tails Dog & Cat Outfitters  in Glenwood Springs, CO with weekly Friday Delivery

Our mission is to meet a real need in our community by providing natural, fresh, locally grown food to our family, friends, and community. Our beef and dairy cows are grass fed on rotational pasture and fed Certified Organic grass hay produced by local farmers in winter.  Antibiotics are not used on any of our animals as routine or preventative, but only when absolutely necessary. Our produce, fruit, herbs, and flowers are grown by us in our greenhouse and gardens. We are not an organic certified ranch, but we use only organic, non-soy, non-corn, and non GMO feeds when we supplementing our animals natural free range and grass.  We try very hard to keep our care taking practices as healthy and sustainable as possible.  And we are thankful to have been blessed with this opportunity to serve a real need to our community.



Kirk and Pat Dotson

Owners, Houston Mountain Ranch, LLC

Colorado Meats, Milk and Honey

A2/A2 Grass fed Dairy 

There is nothing quite as fresh or nutritious as vegtables and fruits produced by small farmers.  Visit our Ranch Market for a healthy break from the industrial food complex.

organic & grass fed meats & Eggs

A2/A2 Dairy cows for sale

Raw cream line milk and customized dairy products are available through our Herd Share Program.  Join our raw milk community!